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Friends hanging out in Thailand

Friends hanging out in Thailand


Compassion is one of the world's leading child development and child advocacy organisations. 

We're passionate about giving children the opportunity to escape from poverty and live life to the full! 

Our approach is a personal one. Working with the local church, we link a child living in poverty with a caring sponsor. By sponsoring a child today you can make a real difference by helping a child in poverty to believe in themselves. 

Each sponsor gives their child access to education, health checks and the care of a local church-based Compassion project. There's no quick fix to global poverty, but through our programmes, children's lives are being changed. We're impacting families, communities and whole nations!

 Our sponsorship programme gives a child the chance to attend school and a church-based Compassion project, where they are known, loved and protected.  At the project, children receive nutritious food, health check-ups, Biblical teaching and additional life-skills.  

Independent research shows that this programme is life-changing. Compared to their peers, Compassion-sponsored children are more likely to stay in school for longer, have salaried jobs and be leaders in their communities and churches. 

What's more, through prayers, letters and words of encouragement, each sponsor plays a vital role in building the confidence of their sponsored child.  

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