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Fearless Woman

Someone you admire, someone who inspires…

God is at work all around us, in ordinary and extraordinary ways everyday in Ireland. And so often we have no idea of all that is happening.

Do you know a woman, young or old, who walks with God in her everyday life? An unsung heroine perhaps? Tell us about your friend and share the inspiration of her story with other women of faith at Fearless Women Ireland 2019.

Or maybe you have a story you feel really needs to be told? Tell us your inspiring story and encourage us all!

  • All nominees will be included in a Roll of Honour to celebrate their faith stories and bring glory to God.

  • Nominees may also be asked to record a short interview for Fearless inspiring moments on Spirit Radio - so many have been encouraged by the stories recorded last year at Fearless 2018!

  • Also, this year we want to share some Fearless stories in short video profiles during the event. (Not as daunting as being interviewed live!)

So it is really important that you ask your Fearless friend if she is willing to be nominated and what she is willing to do.

Get nominating!


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